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Gabriel Barone

Gabriel Barone found out about his love for cooking when he was still a young boy living in Brazil with his Italian family. Because of his strong Italian roots, he had many recipes to learn from and perfect his cuisine skills. As a chef, Gabriel built his style into the fusion of tastes from the tropical region of the southeast of Brazil with the Italian cuisine he grew up with.

With more than 10 years of experience as a professional chef, Gabriel takes on a wide range of large and private events, catering to small gatherings of 10 to 30 guests as well as big events of up to a 1000 guests.

Chef Gabriel's recipes have gained great notoriety in the Brazilian media, being published by several magazines and newspapers. Gabriel had his own television cooking show for approximately six years, which was broadcast live by TV Gazeta, a very popular food network in Brazil. The TV show was based on teaching his audience how to cook the recipes he developed.

Now living in Los Angeles,California, Chef Gabriel shows the elements of his cuisine in exclusive menus customized to meet each client’s desire. For Gabriel, in addition to great tasty food, the presentation of his work is of extreme importance – that is why he puts together the set up and décor of his event tables to achieve an exquisite dining experience.

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